Address: Vale 78, Momjan, 52460 Buje, Hrvatska / Tel: +385 52 77 91 77 / Gps: +45° 26' 35.94", +13° 42' 36.13" / Winery hours of operation: Mondays to Saturdays from 10am do 7pm

Vinarija Kozlović

New winery with a total surface of 2200 square meters with a cellar for inox and barrique barrels was built in 2012. Within it we have multi-functional venues for wine presentations and workshops. Also, there is a smart wine bar with an elegant wine shop. In front of the winery there is splendid, roofed terrace fenced in glass, overlooking vineyards in Valle valley.

Our winery is offering dozen tasting programmes with different tours to cellar and winery.
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