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Vinarija Kozlović


  • Grape variety: Merlot 80%, Teran 20%
  • Category: semi dry rose wines
  • Wine-growing area: West Istria, Croatia
  • Vineyard: Vale and Santa Lucia
  • Vineyard age: 8 – 17 years
  • Altitude of vineyard: 200 – 240 m
  • Vineyard orientation: south
  • Soil composition: flysch, limestone, clay
  • Harvested: by hand
  • Vinification: manual selection of grapes,
    cryo maceration 4 – 5 h, pressing, fermentation
  • Aging: inox
  • Alcohol by volume: 12,0 %vol
  • Total acidity: 6,6 g/l
  • Unfermented sugar: 1,8 g/l
  • Bottle size: 0,75 l
  • Serving temperature: 6-8 °C

Winemaker's notes:

The colour is pale, shiny, vibrant with shade roses. On the nose it is youthful, very fruity, reminiscent of strawberries, and other delicate, fresh red fruits. It is dry on the palate, though it gives some pleasant sensation of sweetness. It is medium bodied with touch of tannins to give the wine a bit of grip. It possesses good freshness and savoury taste. Very enjoyable, perfect summer wine.

Combining with food:

This rose is an all-rounder that can be served as an aperitif and all the way through the meal, except maybe for some main dishes with intense character. Another perfect summer wine.

Aging potential:

This is best to be drunk during 2016, but will bring pleasure for 2-3 more years.

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