Santa Lucia Malvasia 2017 won a platinum medal at Decanter 2022

After Santa Lucia Malvasia 2018 less than a month ago won the title of the best malvasia in the world among 273 samples from 10 countries, another award arrived, this time for Santa Lucia Malvasia from the 2017 vintage!

Santa LuciaMalvasia 2017 comes from the eponymous vineyard where the oldest vines date from 1962. Malvasia from this position has always been called “famous” Malvasia, and this terroir, which belongs to the Istrian grand cru-position, is a combination of heterogeneous soils, which are being examined as part of the international project EcoVineGoals. Plantations in Santa Lucia are formed into terraces, but also heterogeneous – from narrow single-row to terraces with four or five rows, and they are cultivated in ecological mode. The combination of altitude and proximity to the sea (only 8 km), makes the position exposed to constant air currents.

“Certainly, this is a sign that we are on the right track, and my opinion is that these awards actually pay tribute to the terroir”, says Gianfranco Kozlović, adding: “we are witnessing the moment of the affirmation of our regional representative – Malvazija Istriana, into the category of small indigenous varieties from an old continent and rise of its stylistic definition”.

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