Kozlovic - Soon - Malvazija 2021

Soon – Malvazija 2021

Just before the Eastern, our fresh Malvazija will be released to the market. “ On the nose it is open, youthful, very floral, with fruitiness in the second plan, leaving the perception of great refinement and pureness. Bone-dry on the palate, medium bodied with a refreshing acidity, while remaining truly Mediterranean in its essence. Bit of sharpness and bitterness builds up to the floral and fruity complexity. It is persistent and gives an inviting, pure flavour intensity. Finish brings a salty, tangy quality and longish, very pleasant aftertaste which cleans the palate and asks for another sip. Harvest 2021 is indeed a quintessential example of fresh Malvazija Istriana.”, says Robert Gorjak, DWWA judge, WSET educator and respected wine writer.

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