Kozlovic cellar – wine journey from vineyard to bottle

Taking into consideration natural structure of the site, we designed the three-floor Kozlović cellar, to be built into the hill above the Valle vineyard. This way we have taken the advantage of slopes and removed the need for pumps in racking process, secured natural coolness of cellar where the premium labels like Santa Lucia Malvasia, Santa Lucia Noir are aging. Thus, we have reduced the journey of grapes from vineyard to winey to a minimum. In the cellar along with high-end professional line for bottling and labelling, there is also a laboratory. Barrels and vats that hold our young Malvasia, Teran, Muscat Momiano, Valle, Sauvignon, dry Muscat, Violetta are under electronic surveillance.

As we equipped our cellar with the newest technology advances, we paid special attention to sustainability, so the winery and cellar have a green walls and roof cooling system, and biological recycling of water. Thanks to glass walls that reflect surroundings, building has harmoniously incorporated into its natural habitat.

If you would like to tour our cellar and learn more about the wine journey from vineyard to bottle, choose a program from our assortment.

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