Our vinery is the project of a design company Fabrika from Pula. Rectangular building with clean lines is settled amidst vineyards, on the very spot where the first hectare was planted and the home of Kozlović was built in 1904. Our winery is a testimony to that history and past generations. Also, it is a pledge to the future in which wine becomes the experience to remember. Despite its impressive size of 2200 m2 on 3 floors, the building is practically invisible. Facade is made of aluminium veneers which symbolize grape vines. Its geometrical proportions envelopes big glass surfaces which reflect the surroundings, Momjan castle and vineyards. Flat roof has a lawn and lavender bushes, along with other Mediterranean flora that naturally keeps the building cool. The same principle of green walls is used on the sides. Terrace above vineyards where wine tastings are held has a glass fence that gives visitors an illusion of floating over vineyards. Diagonally from the terrace there is Teatro Felice, amphitheatre designed to host wine gatherings, shows, concerts, and other cultural events.

Wine experience