Vinarija Kozlović
Lacrime - Muscat Brandy
Lacrime - Muscat Brandy
Grape brandy produced from the grape residue of Momiano Muscat. Decisive and fine character, distinct mellowness, satisfying even the most demanding palate of an experienced taster.
Grape brandy from the grape residue of Momiano Muscat
12 months in stainless steel barrels
45 vol %
Crystal clear, transparent colour; calm and focused on the nose, revealing the sweet bouquet recognizable not only for the richness of Momiano Muscat, but also for its pleasant fruity smell; the taste is warm, harmonious and balanced, exceptionally long lasting
Bronze medal: "International Wine & Spirit Competition London" / 2020
Gold medal: "Vinistra" / 2019
Gold medal: "Vinistra" / 2018
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