Due to the situation with Corona virus,winery is closed for visit and tasting. We will keep you posted about date of opening.
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Vinarija Kozlović
16. 03. 2020.

Winery is temporarily closed

Dear friends and clients,

epidemic situation with Corona virus is asking to be strategic and to take some serious choices. That’s why we decided to suspend all public activities and visits with tastings in the winery and cellar. Health is the one priority and we want to make anything possible in order to guarantee it.

Beside the economic disadvantage, we deeply believe that this could be the possibility to discover a new civic sense and a renewed solidarity.

We remain available by e-mail for you and thank you for understanding We ll keep you updated about the opening date on our FB profile and website Gianfranco i Antonella Kozlović.


Zbog situacije s Corona virusom, vinarija je zatvorena za posjet i degustaciju do daljnjega.

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