Vinarija Kozlović
31. 05. 2020.

The two for wine-lovers: Santa Lucia Malvazija 2016 and Santa Lucia Noir 2015

Santa Lucia Malvazija is made from handpicked 100% Malvazia Istriana grape, single vineyard Santa Lucia (1961). Aged 12 months in oak cask. Distinctive, varietal aromas. On the palate elegant with exceptional minerality and ripe fruitiness. Persistent aftertaste. Ageing potential: 10+.

Santa Lucia Noir is a cuvee of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and ingidenous Teran grape. Handpicked and selected, from the single vineyard Santa Lucia (1961). Aged 18 months in barrique. Refined, smooth tannins, long in aftertaste, juicy and ripe fruitiness. Aging potential: 10+

The two for wine-lovers!

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