Vinarija Kozlović
18. 09. 2015.

Sorbus, our desert wine won the title at Sweet Istria competition

Sorbus, our desert wine from Muscat Momiano berries won the title ot the Best Muscat at Sweet Istria competition.


On 19 and 20 September you had a chance to indulge your palate with patisseries and sweet wines at Sweet Istria, the 7th international festival of patisseries and other sweet products. The Sweet Istria festival is the biggest event of its kind in Slovenia. This festival represents a way of preserving and continuing a long tradition of creating sweet masterpieces. Festival offered workshops, professional guidance and lectures, plus rich cultural programme as well as numerous accompanying events.

The most important part of the festival in professional terms are three competitions - Most Original Istrian Patisseries competition, the Muscat of Sweet Istria and the Best Cake of Sweet Istria. Sorbus Kozlović won the competition as the best muscat of Sweet Istria.

Sorbus is made from dried berries of Muscat Mominao, grape with designated protection of origin. Its sweetness is balanced with acidity so it finely pairs medium to hard and smoked chow cheeses, good mold cheeses, hard sheep cheeses, creme Brule, ice cream and dry cookies. If you are keen to go into tasting adventure, serve it with fois gras. Bon apetit!

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