Vinarija Kozlović
01. 12. 2016.

JRE Malvazia – press prezentation

Prezentacija JRE Malvazije u Dragi di Lovrana

Exclusive and limited edition of the JRE Malvazia from Santa Lucia single vineyard, created as a joint venture of 13 Jeunes Restaurateurs Croatia, chefs and us, winemakers, was presented to media in the astonishing venue of Draga di Lovrana (JRE), on 29th of November.

JRE Malvasia is produced in a only 2160 bottles, each bottle is hand signed and numerated, and comes with a wine certificate. With the designers we developed a special label and solution for a certificate, making it a truly special.

Project kicked off in spring 2016 when JRE chefs planted Malvazia vines in our Santa Lucia vineyard, which is a symoblic gesture of a long-term cooperation. First havest is expected in 5 years.

JRE Malvazia is in style different from fresh Malvazia and aged Santa Lucia. Hrere chefs were give an challenge to create a gastronomic wine which ist o fit a wide scope of dishes, what was presented at the press event. Food was prepared by JRE chefs Marina Gaši, Damir Tomljanović and Deni Srdoč, a new chef of Draga di Lovrana.


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