Vinarija Kozlović
16. 01. 2017.

Winemakers dinner – restaurant Skipass, Slovenia

Večer vinara, restoran Skipass (JRE) Kranjska gora

On Friday, January 20 our winery is invited to present its wines, current releases and older vintages, at the traditional winemakers dinner. The 6 courses menu prepared by JRE chef Mojmir Štiftar paired with our wines includes:

Smoked weal tartar with mushrooms compote, red pepper cream and garlic toast
Malvazia 2015

Sauerkraut soup with crunchy pudding and buckwheat polenta

Adriatic scampi au gratin with parsley puff pastry and black chestnuts
JRE Malvazia 2015

Noodles with lobster in black truffle sauce with lemon caviar
Santa Lucia Malvazia 2009

Sour cream mousse with juniper oil, sweet kohlrabi and sweet wine jelly
Santa Lucia Noir 2012

Musse od kiselog vrhnja sa smrekovim uljem, slatkom kolerabom i želeom slatkoga vina
Muscat Momiano semisweet 2015


Additional information: Restaurant Skipass, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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