Vinarija Kozlović
26. 04. 2017.

Spring wine-boom

Spring wine-boom

Meet & taste wines from our latest harvests – Valle, Violetta, Muscat Momiano semisweet from 2016 are available on the market. Malvazia 2016 was released 10 days ago. Santa Lucia Malvazia, harvest 2015 will be released in May.

We wish to draw your attention to Muscat Momiano dry which can be a challenge if you love to play with food pairing. Aromatic on the nose and fully dry on palate, it can be served as a classic aperitif wine but also wonderfully match some raw food.

Remember that Santa Lucia Noir 2012 was released in February and there are only very minor amounts available. Santa Lucia Noir 2013 should be ready during the summer.

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