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Vinarija Kozlović
07. 09. 2017.

Gault Millau Messe - 9/10.09 Kursalon Vienna

Gault Millau Messe

On Saturday and Sunday, 9-10.09, Gault Millau Austria is giving their large fine food & wine festival, Gault Millau Messe. In the stylish venue of Vienna Kursalon, together with 100 chefs and 50 selected Austrian winemakers, we will present our Malvazija 2016, Santa Lucia 2015, Santa Lucia Noir 2013, Teran 2016, Muscat semisweet and extra virgin olive oil. List of Croatian participants includes Boškinac, Clai, Coronica, Galić, Krauhaker, Kozlović, Matošević, Meneghetti, Rizman, Stina, St Hills, Roxanich.

For programme and details please visit at.gaultmillau.com/pages/die-winzer-der-genuss-messe

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