Vinarija Kozlović
12. 12. 2017.

Belgrade wine festival, Hyatt 2017 - avec plaisir

Belgrade wine festival, Hyatt 2017

An indispensable site for promotion of our wines on Serbian market is Belgrade Wine Salon, which took place on December 7th to 9th for the 14th time in the row. Festival is aiming for wine lovers and gourmet fans, who want to be up to date with trends in industry and get a glance of the current wine scene.

This year there were 650 wines presented. Within 3 days organizers gave about 40 tastings and side events. We were honoured to be invited for the Master class tasting where 100 selected wines were presented to 100 selected guests.

Surely, we can confirm that Belgrade Wine Salon will be in our calendar for next year, avec plaisir!

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