Vinarija Kozlović
31. 05. 2018.

Kozlović winery & Michelin guide Istria 2018

Kozlović winery & Michelin guide Istria 2018

Michelin has published the second edition of the guide to Istria. The innovative format brings two guidebooks in one: red gastro guide and green section for inner Istria. Made in English and German, Michelin guide Istria along with 14 restaurants, brings for the first time 16 wineries and olive oli producers. We are proud to be listed among the selected wineries.

The Michelin Guide was founded in 1900, when the famous tyre factory began publishing it in order to promote motorsports. However, over time it has become the alpha and omega of all gourmets assigning its famous Michelin stars.

Such a method of assessing restaurants began in 1926, where one star meant a very good restaurant, two stars a restaurant with excellent cuisine, while three stars were appointed to exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

Up until 2005, the guide focused on Europe, especially on France, and only then it began to expand beyond these borders.

The criteria of Michelin inspection is very strict and severe; inspectors are not announced and are not presented, and during their visit they evaluate the quality of the ingredients used, the art of cooking and the combination of spices, creativity, quality stability and the price-quality ratio.

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