Vinarija Kozlović


  • Grape variety: muškat hamburg
  • Category: semi dry
  • Vineyard area: West Istria
  • Vineyard: Vale
  • Age of vineyard: 20 years
  • Altitude of vineyard: 200 m
  • Position of vineyard: south
  • Soil composition: flysch, limestone, clay
  • Harvested: by hand
  • Vinification: manual selection of grapes,
    cryo maceration 2-3 h, pressing, fermentation
  • Aging: inox
  • Alcohol by volume: 12,4 % vol
  • Total acidity: 4,5 g/l
  • Residual sugar: 11,2 g/l
  • Bottle size: 0,5l
  • Serving temperature: 6-8 °C

Winemaker`s notes:

Violetta has a beautiful pink colour which leans towards reddish. The scent is delicate and soft with mostly fruity aromas which associate with raspberries, light floral elements and undertones of moscato. The flavour is therefore soft, lightly sweet with a gentle, almost invisible touch of tannins. It`s structure is not as simple as one would expect from a moscato. It`s body is full and rich, one might say it is as complex as a good malvazija. That gives it a great food wine potential but thanks to it`s sweetness and fruitiness it is still very light. This wine is best served at a temperature between 6 and 8°C so you can get the perfect sense of it`s freshness and seductive fruitiness.

Combining with food:

As a dessert wine with fresh fruit such as watermelon and strawberries without any sweet dressings or as a main wine with sweet and sour food when we add chicken or pork to pineapple and bamboo shoots.

Aging potential:

best from 2012 to end of 2014

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