Vinarija Kozlović


  • Grape variety: Istrian Malvasia
  • Category: dry white wines
  • Wine-growing area: West Istria, Croatia
  • Vineyard: Vale, Santa Lucia, Contarini
  • Vineyard age: 12 – 60 years
  • Altitude of vineyard: 200-240 m
  • Vineyard orientation: south, southwest
  • Soil composition: flysch, limestone, clay
  • Harvested: by hand
  • Vinification: manual grape selection,
    cryo maceration 12-24 h, pressing, fermentation
  • Aging: inox 7 months
  • Alcohol by volume: 13,5 %vol
  • Total acidity: 5,1 g/l
  • Unfermented sugar: 2,4 g/l
  • Bottle size: 0,75 l and 1,5 lit
  • Serving temperature: 10-12 °C

Tasting note:

The colour of this Malvazija is pale lemon with nice golden hue. On the nose it is quite opulent, with floral notes reminiscent of orange blossom and jasmine being dominant and accompanied by ripe and refreshing grapefruit and lemon notes. Dry on the palate with zest and freshness. Medium bodied with intense flavour exploding all around the mouth bringing some extra salty quality. Flavour is persistent, enjoyable and truly varietal. Finish is pleasant, very long and diminishing slowly, leaving an agreeable and gentle sensations on the tongue and in entire mouth.

Food pairing:

Risotto with scampi or shrimps, risotto with mushrooms, white fish but also more rich type of fish such as salmon. Shells, pasta with meat or sea-food, chicken with white creams, grilled vegetables, istrian fuži with lighter sauces, white meats.

Aging potential:

It is best to enjoy it while young, 2021-2023 but will easily give pleasure in upcoming years.

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