Vinarija Kozlović


  • Grape variety: Muscat from Momjan
  • Category: semi-sweet white wines
  • Wine-growing area: West Istria, Croatia
  • Vineyard: Vale
  • Vineyard age: 5-30 years
  • Altitude of vineyard: 200 m
  • Vineyard orientation: south
  • Soil composition: flysch, limestone rocks, clay
  • Harvested: by hand
  • Vinification: manual selection of grapes,
    cryo maceration 2-3 days, pressing, interrupted fermentation
  • Aging: inox
  • Alcohol content: 12,0 %vol
  • Total acidity: 5,3 g/l
  • Unfermented sugar: 31,0 g/l
  • Bottle size: 0,5 l
  • Serving temperature: 8 °C

Winemaker`s notes:

Transparent lemon yellow colour of the medium intensity. Intensive and attractive nose scented with aromas of the sweet fruit released the very moment when wine is poured into a glass. Muscat aromas (Muscat grapes, orange flower) are predominant but we find also ripe apricots and layers of the meadow flowers. On the palate wine gives a good balance between mild sweetness and pleasant acidity. Texture is not thick, on contrary, light and drinkable what makes this wine a good choice not only for deserts but also as a digestive for wine lovers who prefer tender flavours. Aromas on the palate are different from aromas on the nose: apart from apricots, we feel a whole range of citrus fruit through acidity joined with sweetness that comes from unfermented sugar. This two give a lovely, irresistible delight in the finish. Semi sweet but fruity, refreshing and delightfully aromatic wine.

Combining with food:

Apple pie. Panna cotta. Lemon pie, pineapple crostata, apricot crostata, pears crostata with or withou creme anglaise. Fresh and mild cow cheeses. Goat fresh cheese/ricotta

Ageing potential:

best from 2014 to 2016

Kozlovic fresh
Kozlovic premium
Kozlovic authentic
Kozlovic ultra premium
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