Vinarija Kozlović


  • Grape variety: Muscat from Momjan
  • Category: semi-sweet white wines
  • Wine-growing area: West Istria, Croatia
  • Vineyard: Vale
  • Vineyard age: 5-30 years
  • Altitude of vineyard: 200 m
  • Vineyard orientation: south
  • Soil composition: flysch, limestone rocks, clay
  • Harvested: by hand
  • Vinification: manual selection of grapes, cryo maceration 2-3 days,
    pressing, interrupted fermentation with cooling
  • Aging: inox
  • Alcohol content: 11,5 %vol
  • Total acidity: 7,1 g/l
  • Unfermented sugar: 45,5 g/l
  • Bottle size: 0,5 l
  • Serving temperature: 8 °C

Winemaker`s notes:

Clear, mild deep lemon-yellow colour with scattered reflexes of greenish. Very intensive and suggestive scents widely spreading instantly as wine is poured into the glass. Intensity of aroma keeps on for dozen of minutes afterwards. Predominant sweet muscat aromas reminiscent of muscat grapes are followed by oranges flowers and meadow flowers. In the traces, scents of acacia honey, aloe vera and ripe apricots. On the palate, a game of fresh acids and seductive sweetness resulting with a rich savour. Long lasting flavour and luscious fullness in the aftertaste. Alcohols are mild thus wine has favourable breeziness and elegant body, but intensity of the taste and firm structure are kept nevertheless. Due to the solid background in acidity, wine has a good length in the glass and on the palate. Being a semi sweet, it nourishes all the attributes of the seductive muscat joined with the texture of a hale, hearty wine with a potential for aging. Luscious, delicious, sweet and rich in aromas.

Combining with food:

Fine digestive, well cooled, served after a light meal in the summer. As a companion with food, goes well with lighther sweets alike apple pie, panna cotta with apricot dressing, lemon pie, apricot pie or pear pie with or without crème anglaise. Well paired with young and mild cow cheeses or goat ricotta.

Ageing potential:

Best from summer 2015 till winter 2017


  • Gold medal: "Vinistra" / 2015
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